Surplus Eggs

Click here for a test carried out in USA showing how to keep eggs for 120days 

You will find your girls will lay more eggs during the spring and summer months than they will in the cold dark days of winter, so what to do with the surplus. Here are a few ideas

Eggs will keep for some considerable period of time in the fridge, and I find for six weeks or so they are fine for cooking (click on the link at the top of the page for a test on keeping eggs in the fridge for 120+ days). It is always advisable to crack any stored egg into a saucer before using to check the freshness

I have stored eggs in a solution of waterglass (sodium silicate).Do not confuse this with isinglass, which is used in winemaking. It seems difficult to get hold of now but some chemists will order for you, and I think you can get if off ebay, and laboratory suppliers. Dilute according to the instructions, and using a lidded non-metal container half fill with the solution.
Each day any spare eggs are gently placed in the container. Use only cool, fresh clean and completely undamaged eggs. Gradually fill the container, making sure that all the eggs are kept submerged in the solution.
The eggs will keep for a considerable time so put them "down" in your peak surplus period, and they will last through the dark eggless days of winter.
They are fine for cooking and cakes etc, but personally I wouldn't use them for boiling or frying, though you probably could. Again crack each egg into a saucer before using it so you can be certain it is perfectly useable.

Eggs can be frozen but they need to be separated first. Yolks and whites can be separately frozen in ice cube trays - a yolk fills one cube and white fills two, then defrost before use in recipes though the results may not be quite as good as using fresh eggs. Alternatively lightly beat the yolk and white of one egg together and freeze in the sort of tray used for jam tarts - when frozen solid pop each one out and store loose in a polythene bag removing the number needed when required. Fine for scrambled egg, egg custard, quiches moussaka etc

In old books it mentions that whole eggs can be packed in dry cooking salt to preserve them, though I have not tried this method - they also mention rubbing with oil, lard etc, varnishing and lots of other wierd and wonderful ways, but this was useful for before electricity allowed us to store cool or freeze. Again click the link at the top of the page to read about how well the various methods work

Pickled Eggs
This is more a recipe than a method of preserving eggs as such, but it does help use a surplus.
Simply hardboil your eggs and peel them then put in a jar and cover with spiced vinegar then some greaseproof paper and a screw on lid.

3 Egg Sponge Cake
Surplus eggs can be used to make plain sponge cakes which can be popped in the freezer then used as wanted. I use my mothers recipe - 3 eggs whisked to a trail with 3 tablespoons of sugar, then 3 tablespoons of plain flour folded in. Flavour as required with vanilla essence, or cocoa powder.

Home Made Ice Cream
There are lots of recipes for home made ice cream which is a good - and very delicious way, of using up eggs when you have a surplus. I will try and include a recipe page when I have more time

Home Made Lemon Curd 
This uses lots of egg yolks, and you can make meringues from the left over whites. A well made meringue will keep for weeks and weeks in an airtight tin

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Big thankyou for the eighteen eggs that arrived safely and all intact. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw just how big and chunky they were.......easily the biggest i've ever received.........and what a colour, definite wow factor and so looking forward to hatching.Many many thanks.

......A huge thank you for the 100% fertile hatching eggs, 11from 12 hatched, they are very large and very strong chicks! Thank you for all your advice, it is appreciated

...Just to let you know i have hatched 7 lovely chicks including 1 from your 2 best eggs and 10 out of the 14 eggs ...so very pleased ..... they were worth the wait, they are massive!

... the eggs arrived safely this morning - "eggstra" early 9.00 delivery from my lovely postman who recognised a very important parcel (normal delivery is around 2.00pm!). The eggs are real beauties ...If anyone is looking for marans, I'll certainly send them your way!

....I received 12 gorgeous dark brown eggs yesterday - I have never seen Maran eggs like that before in my life. ... Was the best of packaging...

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