Since getting interested in the range of coloured eggs that chickens can lay I have started to keep a selection of birds all of which lay different coloured eggs.

I am happy to supply a mix of eggs for hatching to give a variety to your egg boxes

I have a good utility (but true to type) Cream Legbar breeding pen see
www.blue-eggs.co.uk these are good layers of nice blue eggs

Also a breeding pen of Appenzeller Spitzhauben, a very pretty white and black spangled bird, again crested. These are excellent layers of pearly white eggs (must get round to making them a website :-) they are real little charmers.)

And a range of hybrids developed by myself, for pretty looks, friendly temperament and good laying qualities. I have enjoyed the challenge of breeding these, and am very happy with the result. For photos of the birds and eggs see www.misssugarnspice.co.uk

Higgledy Harriet Hens which lay a speckled egg www.speckledeggs.co.uk These are a selection from my Cuckoo Marans but the eggs are very difficult to hatch owing to the speckled nature of the shells so I generally only sell these as pullets

I have sold up and am travelling If you want to see where I am and what I am doing now follow the link below, which opens in a new window


email for altenative egg/bird
suppliers and I will try to help

Purchasers Comments....

Big thankyou for the eighteen eggs that arrived safely and all intact. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw just how big and chunky they were.......easily the biggest i've ever received.........and what a colour, definite wow factor and so looking forward to hatching.Many many thanks.

......A huge thank you for the 100% fertile hatching eggs, 11from 12 hatched, they are very large and very strong chicks! Thank you for all your advice, it is appreciated

...Just to let you know i have hatched 7 lovely chicks including 1 from your 2 best eggs and 10 out of the 14 eggs ...so very pleased ..... they were worth the wait, they are massive!

... the eggs arrived safely this morning - "eggstra" early 9.00 delivery from my lovely postman who recognised a very important parcel (normal delivery is around 2.00pm!). The eggs are real beauties ...If anyone is looking for marans, I'll certainly send them your way!

....I received 12 gorgeous dark brown eggs yesterday - I have never seen Maran eggs like that before in my life. ... Was the best of packaging...

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