Egg recipes

To cook and use your surplus eggs

Lemon Meringue Pie  3 eggs
Creme Brulee
Custard Tart  12 yolks
Baked Egg Custard
Pouring Custard (with cinammon or nutmeg)
Chocolate Mousse
Pots au Creme
Bread and Butter Pudding
Pancakes 3 eggs

Home Made Ice Cream

Lemon Curd
Banana Curd  4 eggs

Egg Mayonaisse
Devilled Eggs
Scotch eggs  6 eggs - serves 2

Poached Egg on Toast   1-2 eggs per person
Scrambled Eggs   2-3 eggs per portion
Omlette    2-3 eggs per person
French Toast (Eggy Bread) 1-2 eggs per person
Egg & Cheese Quesadillas
EggFlower Drop Soup
Buck Rarebit  1or more eggs per person

Brunch, Lunch or Supper
Bacon and Egg Pie
Egg Curry  1 egg per serving
Frittata Muffins
EggsinaNest  I egg per portion
Casseroled Eggs Italian Style  1 egg per portion
Pasta and Egg Skillet
Brunch Strata
Italian Vegetable Custard  4 eggs - served 4
Brie and Saffron Tart
Huevos rancheros  8 eggs - serves 4
Egg Fried Rice  2 eggs
Eggs Benedict  8 eggs + 4 yolks - serves 4
Penne carbonara  5 yolks - serves 4
Savory Bread and Butter Bake
Bubble'nSqueak Pancakes  2 eggs
Easter kedgeree
Eggy-bubble-and-squeak-cakes  5 eggs - serves 4

Pasta 1 Egg + 3 yolks

Children's Dishes
Little Mice
Bagel Snake
Heart Shaped Eggs for Valentines


Hollandaise Sauce
Avgolemono Sauce (for cooked dishes)

Main Meals
Yorkshire Puddings 3 eggs

Prawn Toasts

Baked Egg with Spinach

Cakes and Breads

Anglefood Cake  Fat free - 12 egg whites
Pan del Dia de Muertos  4 eggs
Almond Cake  8 yolks + 6 whites
Meringues  8 egg whites

Icings and Fillings
Creme Patisserie

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Purchasers Comments....

Big thankyou for the eighteen eggs that arrived safely and all intact. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw just how big and chunky they were.......easily the biggest i've ever received.........and what a colour, definite wow factor and so looking forward to hatching.Many many thanks.

......A huge thank you for the 100% fertile hatching eggs, 11from 12 hatched, they are very large and very strong chicks! Thank you for all your advice, it is appreciated

...Just to let you know i have hatched 7 lovely chicks including 1 from your 2 best eggs and 10 out of the 14 eggs ...so very pleased ..... they were worth the wait, they are massive!

... the eggs arrived safely this morning - "eggstra" early 9.00 delivery from my lovely postman who recognised a very important parcel (normal delivery is around 2.00pm!). The eggs are real beauties ...If anyone is looking for marans, I'll certainly send them your way!

....I received 12 gorgeous dark brown eggs yesterday - I have never seen Maran eggs like that before in my life. ... Was the best of packaging...

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