About My English Cuckoo Marans

I have been keeping Marans as a hobby and to produce dark brown eggs and tasty birds for the house for over 20 years, and now there is a renewed interest in poultry keeping I have decided to offer some of my Marran eggs for hatching.

I have always bred for large solidily built birds with good laying abilities, which are capable of producing a good quantity of very large dark brown eggs with big large deep golden yolks.

The dark brown Maran eggs were Ian Flemings favourite breakfast eggs which his housekeeper procured from a relative, so in his novels he wrote that James Bond 007 liked his Marrans egg boiled for 3 1/3 minutes. (I find my eggs being large and fresh need nearer 5 minutes in boiling water to have a perfect runny yolk and just set white).

I much prefer the clean legged English Marans, both for looks, for keeping the eggs and nesting boxes clean, and their resistance to scaly leg (I have never ever had this in my fowl) English Cuckoo Marans look more attractive should you intend to rear any spare Maran cockerels for meat - and they were originally a dual purpose utility bird. Marans were valued for the excellent quality and fine flavour as gourmet table birds, as well as for their wonderful eggs, something which seems to have been overlooked recently.

My Maran flock is a fine healthy long-lived strain, and they are normally allowed complete free range over several acres of orchard and pasture (though recently the foxes have been calling in the day so they are sometimes restricted to their grassed runs for safety's sake). My Marrans are fed as much as possible on wheat and other whole grains and natural food, and the land they are on is never sprayed or artificially fertilized. They have natural dried and ground seaweed meal and oystershell grit ad lib as a supplement.

I have always selected Marans which have a calm, quiet temperament and I have never had any trouble with aggression from the Maran cockerels. As these birds are from a large strain they are easily kept penned in (or out) of parts of the garden, as they are too heavy to fly. Marans also seem to be less inclined to scratch and peck the garden than some of the lighter and smaller breeds.

I have tried to concentrate on quality rather than quantity and so I do not have a large number of Marran eggs for sale so please contact me for availability. I only ever hatch from dark coloured, well shaped eggs which come from Marans that are good egg producers. So the genes for the really dark eggs are being concentrated, whilst the egg laying abilities are not being lost.

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Fertile hatching eggs for sale from English Cuckoo Marans

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email for altenative egg/bird
suppliers and I will try to help

Purchasers Comments....

Big thankyou for the eighteen eggs that arrived safely and all intact. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw just how big and chunky they were.......easily the biggest i've ever received.........and what a colour, definite wow factor and so looking forward to hatching.Many many thanks.

......A huge thank you for the 100% fertile hatching eggs, 11from 12 hatched, they are very large and very strong chicks! Thank you for all your advice, it is appreciated

...Just to let you know i have hatched 7 lovely chicks including 1 from your 2 best eggs and 10 out of the 14 eggs ...so very pleased ..... they were worth the wait, they are massive!

... the eggs arrived safely this morning - "eggstra" early 9.00 delivery from my lovely postman who recognised a very important parcel (normal delivery is around 2.00pm!). The eggs are real beauties ...If anyone is looking for marans, I'll certainly send them your way!

....I received 12 gorgeous dark brown eggs yesterday - I have never seen Maran eggs like that before in my life. ... Was the best of packaging...

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