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Which chickens lay the darkest brown eggs - Marans!

I only breed from Traditional English Cuckoo Marans which have proved to be good egg layers, and my best are producing 6 to 7 eggs each a week in the peak of the season. Both the colour and shell texture of my Marans eggs are extemely good. Fertility is high, and in my own incubator has been over 90per cent this year
Traditional English Cuckoo Marans are known for their large tasty eggs, even as youngsters they lay good sized eggs and the eggs get even bigger when the hens are full grown. These lovely dark brown eggs have a very large yolk which is a deep golden yellow with an extra creamy and delicious taste.

The Official Marrans Club Colour Chart is reproduced below

1 - White egg
2 - Tinted egg
3 - Marans egg colour, but not rich enough
4 - True Marans egg colour
5 - 7 Excellent colour Marans eggs
8 - 9 Exceptional colour Maran eggs rarely produced


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